Blogger Consultants

get hired today


Blogger Consultants

get hired today

Bloggers, think of us as your recruiter that will hire you for your knowledge and knowhow not just your network.

We help bloggers create full-time consulting careers for themselves. 

We hire fitting bloggers through our BA Blogger Certification starting at £400 - £600 per day to help us create marketing campaigns for wonderful brands. As our talent you spend a session with other creators brain storming and being guided by our marketing team to create things like campaign messaging, social media concepts, and innovative outreach ideas. 

We're currently hosting these sessions in London, Los Angeles, and New York City.

It's a fun day of brain storming! Best part? You earn as a creator without having to post about anything, saving your valuable blog and social real-estate for other work.


Why Get Certified?

Why Get Certified?




To put it simply: to get hired more.


But also to get matched to paid opportunities which are right for your blog with brands who understand the value of digital influencers. Once you pass the simple 3-step process for certification, you become part of a community dedicated to changing the industry from the inside out. We do this by empowering bloggers to develop confident relationships with brands, demonstrating professionalism and reliability when working with you.

♦ Be first on our selection list for ‘Create the Campaign’ projects at a £400 - £600/Day Pay Rate

♦ Blog Authentic toolkit 

♦ Access to a members-only area on our website & BA Community Networking

♦ Members only BA Podcast, Videos, & Blog 

♦ Exclusive places on our monthly training and best-practice webinars

♦ BA Vacation & Store Discounts

♦ Quarterly Blogger + Brand meet-ups

♦ Mediation and Negotiation support for any issues with payment and fees

+ Helping grow a community around best practices and new industry standards 




This is for bloggers who are serious about their blogging business (no matter how big or small your audience is). We’re looking for true voices, niche topics and bloggers who disrupt the norm when it comes to creating content. Our community is for bloggers who fully understand their on-line community and are on a mission to grow it.

Who do we look to work with?
Read this Blog Post to see if you're a fit

Apply now, pay later! 

Apply now, get certified and fees will be taken from your first project with Blog Authentic. 

BA Blogger Certification
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How do I know if I'll qualify before applying? 
We look at various things during the assessment process for the BA Certification such as content, network, and social media alongside your 3 past clients verifications. We aren't looking at these things to "judge" you on your "success". Things such as low traffic or small social media following will NEVER be held against our community and are things we'll help you grow. We look at these things to see overall how professionally you're doing your work and how you contribute to the blogging community as a whole.

1) Have low stats but do professional work? Please apply!
2) Have huge stats but talk unprofessionally about brands and fellow bloggers frequently on social media? This community won't be right for you.

Though we have bloggers of ALL sizes and types and want to help grow our communities' careers, we're not about the numbers we're about the people behind the numbers. Always. 

How many bloggers are in the community? 
BA is all about bringing together bloggers in a positive and productive environment. So, to keep it personal and manageable while making sure we can send work to everyone, we only accept 40 new creators into the program each enrolment period. There's two enrolment periods each year in February and September.  

How much does the certification cost? 
The Certification Application is £50, this is a one time cost. Once accepted into the community there is a yearly membership fee of £100 all members are responsible for. 

Why does it cost any money? 
We charge for the certification because it takes work to make it happen and develop all the resources members enjoy. And just as we encourage our bloggers to NEVER work for free we hold ourselves to the same standards. Also, if there's a price tag on the certification we know who's serious about their work and ready to invest in themselves. In reality though since we only take on 80 new bloggers a year, the £12K of revenue that comes in is pennies compared to what we pay out to our bloggers we hire for our CTC sessions.